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Your initial consultation will consist of details of your existing problem or needs, often followed by an examination and treatment. You will also be given appropriate advice to help with your problem during your day to day life.

Your consultation will also require a more in-depth discussion of your personal health and underlying issues you may or may not be aware of, which could be associated. This will also give your osteopath a deeper understanding of your personal situation, health and lifestyle and identify any need for referral.

Previous Problems?
During your consultation any history of previous problems will be taken. Therefore it may also be helpful if you have any X-rays, MRIs or other scans to bring them along on your first visit.

Depending on your problem, it may be necessary for you to be dressed down to your underwear. This is avoided when possible, but just in case, you may wish to bring a pair of shorts or something you feel more comfortable wearing.

Osteopathy is largely a hands-on approach to investigate the underlying cause of pain and carry out treatment using a variety of techniques.

These techniques include: tissue stretching, rhythmic joint movements or high velocity thrust techniques to improve movement of a joint and surrounding tissues as well as improving circulation to an injured area

Although during treatment some temporary discomfort may be experienced, the treatment is largely pain free. Treatment times do vary depending on your needs, though you should allow up to an hour for your first consultation, while follow-up treatments may take around 30 minutes. If additional time is needed, no extra cost will be charged.

Initial consultation £65
Follow up treatments £45

If you prefer to bring a friend or a family member for support during your visit/s to the clinic, they will be made very welcome.