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Back Pain Treatment Norwich


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Effective Treatment for Back Pain in Norwich

Back pain is one of the most common pains to suffer with in the UK today, and Jason believes that no one should have to suffer with this back pain unnecessary.
Osteopathic treatment can do a vast amount to help resolve and remove back pain for people, whether you have been suffering with back pain for days or months. Osteopathic treatment provides a simple solution for helping back pain without the need for medication or surgery. Jason Houghton who practices in Thorpe End, Norwich aims to get to the bottom of your back pain, explain what is causing it, and come up with a practical treatment plan to help resolve and remove your pain.

Causes of Back Pain

The cause of back pain can vary, and each individual cause and of type pain may require specialist osteopathic treatment. This is something which Jason Houghton specialises in, providing the right course of treatment for various back pains in Norwich. The list of causes for back pain is almost endless, some of the most common causes include:

  • Having a bad posture
  • Sitting in the same position or driving for a long period of time with no breaks
  • Twisting or overstretching awkwardly
  • Lifting, carrying, pulling or pushing heavy objects
  • Overusing muscles, for example during sports and activities or repetitive movements
  • Slouching in chairs

Although these are the most common causes of back pain, it often develops for no apparent reason. Back pain is very common, and in most cases it can be easily resolved with osteopathic treatment that targets the particular area of your back pain. However, if you feel like your back pain has been going on for some time, it may be best to have regular appointments with your osteopath. Jason Houghton can help with both minor and major back pain issues, so no matter if your back pain is recurring or this is the first time, Jason is more than happy to provide the best cause of treatment.

Who is at Risk of Back Pain?

It is highly likely that, at some point in your life you will suffer with back pain. So it’s good to know that Jason Houghton is here in Norwich to help you by using successful osteopathic treatment. There are several ways in which you can take precaution to avoid back pain, whether it be taking regular breaks from sitting and driving, keeping a high and well maintained posture and exercising regularly. Simple things like sitting straight or being constantly aware of any strains your back is put under, will help you stay pain free.

However, there are people who are most at risk of suffering with back pain. You are more likely to suffer with back pain if you are: a smoker, overweight, pregnant, stressed, depressed or have long-term use of medication known to weaken bones. Jason Houghton is a professional osteopath, and is able to understand and point out these issues and advise accordingly to your condition. So no matter what your situation or condition, Jason Houghton is always here to provide help.

Contact Jason Houghton

If you are suffering with back pain in Norwich, be sure to give Jason Houghton a call! Jason Houghton will help cater to all your needs to ensure your back pain managed properly to aid recovery. Specialising in back pain through osteopathy, exercise and nutrition is something Jason Houghton has several years of experience in. Jason will work closely with you to come up with an effective course of osteopathic treatment to resolve your back pain. For successful and helpful back pain treatment in Norwich make Jason Houghton your first port of call! Give Jason Houghton a call today and say and start your first move in dealing with your back pains and strains.