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Nutrition for Joints and Inflamation

Joint and muscle pains are a very common problem. When these pains are prolonged, they can cause suffering and misery, and stop us from doing the things we enjoy.

Back Pain Newsletter

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Shoulder Problems

Shoulder problems are extremely common. In fact, following back complaints, shoulder problems seem to be the next most common area of pain and discomfort. This is possibly due to the shoulder being a very complex joint that relies heavily on the surrounding muscles for support.


Headaches are a very common problem amongst both men and women. Headaches affect our ability to work, they can affect our sleep and of course cause us to worry. Although headaches can often be distressing and painful, they rarely indicate a serious condition.

Food For Thought

With so much information out there today about healthy foods, damaging foods and superfoods etc, it is difficult to know where to start if you are looking to make some changes to your diet. Below is some information about the benefits of  certain foods to help encourage you to start making some of those changes today.

Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain affects 80% of us at some point during our lives. There is no specific category of people who suffer back pain more frequently than others; men are affected as often as women and physical workers as much as sedentary workers.

Knee Problems

The knee is the most frequently injured joint in athletes. Most injuries occur due to the extreme stress during twisting activities such as football, skiing, squash and any other sport that requires a large amount of body movement. Fortunately…

Slipped Disc – The do’s and dont’s of Rehabilitation

A slipped disc in the lower back (lumbar spine) is a common problem and can often be overlooked, mis-diagnosed and treated with exercises that may worsen the problem rather than help it. It is extremely important to have a correct and specific diagnosis for your low back pain in order to treat and advise any rehabilitation.