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“The sudden pain in my neck was excruciating and causing a constant headache radiating around my left eye. After only one treatment I was pain free within hours! I would have no hesitation recommending Jason as an exellent, professional osteopath.”
C Flemming – Norwich FC

“Following a recurring trapped nerve in my back, Jason provided some immediate and effective treatment. I would highly recommend Jason, not only for the technical aspects of alleviating immediate pain but also for the broader and considered advice on additional exercise. I consider myself a fit and healthy person but Jason’s advice on targeted exercises on maintaining core strength have been very helpful. His down-to-earth approach and considerable breadth of knowledge were very reassuring.”
Ian Douglass

“I’d had constant pain in my achilles tendon for several months following a rupture. After several treatments by Jason and following his advise I am now able to walk pain free and cycle regularly again.”
R Adams

“Several weeks of constant pain in my leg and knee was becoming unbearable; following an examination Jason quickly referred me for an x-ray on my hip which identified osteoarthritis and the need for a hip replacement. My leg is now pain free and I am very grateful that my hip problem was identified early as the prolonged pain was extremely depressing.”
B Olsen